Customer Agreement

I/We acknowledge that to establish credit with Suresign, I/we have given as much information as possible. By signing this application, I the Applicant/s & Directors/Owners of the applying company acknowledge that I/we have read Suresign’s specified terms as laid out in the terms and conditions supplied to the applicant/s with this application. Failure to comply with these terms may result in the applicant being placed on a permanent COD basis.

I/We the Applicant/s and the Directors/Owners acknowledge that the information supplied on this form is true and correct and is necessary to enable Suresign to assess and process this application for credit. By signing this agreement, the signatory/ies confirm that he/she/they are authorised to give Suresign authorisation to obtain, record and disclose information about the applying company, and give permission for Suresign to record, obtain and disclose information as would be reasonably accepted and deemed necessary for the purposes of credit. This includes all information obtained, recorded or disclosed about the Applicant/s company and/or its Directors/Owners now or in the future for the purpose of credit assessment, credit management as well as to or from other credit providers including debt collection agencies, trade credit insurers and any other business providers.

I/We have read and understand this application and the terms and conditions provided. I/We understand that if Suresign should agree to supply credit to the mentioned company applying for credit that we jointly, unconditionally and irrevocably, guarantee payment to Suresign of all amounts due and owing. I/We agree to indemnify Suresign against all losses & liabilities, costs & expenses it suffers or incurs which arise as a result of a direct or indirect breach or non-observance of any of the terms and conditions mentioned in the supplied.

I/We authorise Suresign to obtain and record necessary information as would be reasonably expected to confirm this guarantee. We acknowledge that Suresign offers the following account types. 30 day account, 7 day account & COD. We agree to accept the account terms that Suresign issues to us.